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Seeing Your Own Beauty & Why I Do What I Do

Beauty can change us in an instant. In my client’s story it took about 15 minutes.

The Facial to Fabulous

A friend got another friend a facial treatment for her birthday. I was a newly trained esthetician and Alison* – the recipient – was an acquaintance whom I didn’t know well but liked.

Alison Saw Herself As a Clown

She was a creative wonder as a movie set stylist. She was optimistic and seemed happy but a bit frantic.

And, she dressed like a worn-out clown.

No joke.

Striped leggings in big bold neon stripes. Oversized tunic engulfing her petite frame. Scuffed shoes. A psychedelic patterned scarf. Unkept, overdyed, slept on, knotball, messy hair. Chipped nail polish and chewed nails. Makeup from the day before.

Take care of herself?

“What’s the point?” She asked.

She was not "The Pretty One"

“All this beauty stuff isn’t really my thing.” Alison informed me.

So, through our time together she talked about her lack of beauty.

She was not the pretty one in her friend group. Not in her family. Not at any time in her life.

She was clear. She was not attractive. Not in any way.

What Her Friends Saw

Alison wasn’t dating and wasn’t surprised.

“Who would ask me out?”

She was equally bewildered with her friendships.

“I don’t know why they like me.” She wondered.

“My friends look good. They’ve got their lives together. They are going to be successful.”

Her friends – a makeup artist, a model, a hairstylist, a few actors, another set designer, and a couple of artists – were naturally attractive or cared for themselves so they looked good.

Though they were just starting out in their careers, they looked put together as creative, up-and-coming professionals.

She looked like a lost puppy.

She didn’t believe she deserved anything more in her life or in her relationships.

Alison was contenting herself with crumbs because she didn’t believe she deserved better.

Alison's Request - Could I do it?

Sometime during the facial, probably during the massage, Alison asked about eyebrow shaping.

“It seems pointless to get my eyebrows done but I want to try it. I want to see what the big deal is.”

Alison eyebrows had never been tweezed. Never been waxed. And a whole lot of brows.

I was a bit (okay, a lot!) concerned about taking on the challenge as a new esthetician.

What if she hated it? What if I made a mistake? What if something went wrong and she ended up with no brows, or worse yet, was hurt?

What if she told our mutual friends that it was a terrible experience, and I didn’t know what I was doing?

Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Care

You deserve a little TLC, too!

We Got to Work & What a Difference

There were a lot of eyebrows but the two of us ventured in. With nervousness, concentration, anguish.

Alison considered giving up after the first part, the pain.

Thankfully, we continued.

She had wonderfully, naturally shaped brows. It showed when all the excess hair was removed.

I was amazed at the difference. I often am by my clients’ transformations.

A little can go a long way.

Alison's Transformation - She Saw Her Beauty

She looked in the mirror and was obviously shocked. She cried.

“I don’t know why I’m crying.” She laughed. The expression on her face was like sunshine when it’s raining.

She preened like a toddler with sunglasses. And couldn’t stop! It was wonderful.

She kept looking at herself in the mirror. Amazed.

For the first time in her life, Alison realized she was beautiful. And she saw it.


It was a Makeover That Mattered

To witness Alison’s transformation was so intimate.

It was like seeing the healing of her soul. (I know overly dramatic, but it was incredible:)

This was a makeover that mattered.

It wasn’t about Alison looking a certain way, wearing the right clothing, or having the perfect hairstyle.

It wasn’t about her being perfect. Nor was it about her doing over her life or lifestyle.

How Alison Saw Herself Completely Changed Her Life

In 15 minutes, Alison’s self-image was transformed.

She was different.

What really amazed me was that after years of Alison showing up looking clownish and uncared for, she completely changed.

I would see her at various events while out with mutual friends.

She dressed differently. Gone was the clothing that made her look less than herself.

Her posture straightened. She took care of herself.

And her energy changed. She didn’t hide out. She was no longer the lost puppy looking for a handout of love and care.

She had lost the frantic energy that had surrounded her. She no longer tried to distract people from seeing her.

She calmed. She was centered and secure.

Alison saw she was somebody and it showed. She was awesome.

One eyebrow wax…and life was so different for both of us.

You Are Good Enough Exactly As You Are

Many of my clients tell me they love this story.

Because they know how it feels to forget about and put themselves last. To think they aren’t good enough. To put their own nurturing on hold.

This is why I work with clients to realize their own beauty and well-being. 

We can so easily forget that we are actually pretty awesome!

Let’s take time for ourselves. Gently. Kindly. Lovingly.

Enjoy Your Summer with Glowing Skin!

Questions about your skincare needs? Please get in touch with Stacey at Stacey@SpaWellnessMethod.com I’d love to hear from you!

Picture of Stacey Marie Horton

Stacey Marie Horton

Radiance & Vitality Master Coach/Trainer, Licensed Esthetician, Facial Specialist & Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor.

Hi! I'm Stacey Marie

It’s so easy to go through life ignoring our own self-care.

Yet, when we take care of ourselves and take time for ourselves, the world seems a happier place. 

Caring for ourselves heals, inspires and empowers allowing us to connect with and care more for ourselves and those we love.

I have been an esthetician, makeup artist, self-care coach and trainer for over 30 years.

Having owned a hotel spa, run a resort spa in California & been the skincare consultant on a few movies, I’ve had many unique opportunities in which to specialize my skills.

I love what I do and continually take advanced training to inspire, deepen, and more fully care for my clients.

I have given over 1,000 facials and coaching sessions and have trained 1000s of coaches worldwide.

Within every service offered, each part is customized to best serve you to refresh, rejuvenate and revitalize.

Yes, you will have radiant skin, feel vibrant and energized. Most importantly, you will reconnect with caring for yourself.

I look forward to partnering with you on your self-care journey.

Let’s be kind. Take time for you with a facial or self-care coaching session.

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