Be The Kind, Caring & Relaxed Person You Know You Can Be

Bring Your Own Spa-Inspired Wellness Experience Home

we help you value one, value two and value three.

When You Feel Worn Out, Stressed Out & Overwhelmed Nobody Benefits. Especially Not You!

It hurts to feel bad about yourself. Being impatient and short tempered. Your self-esteem tanks. It is hard to feel good when you feel so negative. Who takes care of you?

It’s okay to take time for yourself. (It’s not selfish.) It’s okay to love yourself. It’s okay to treat yourself kindly.

Because when you treat yourself kindly, everyone benefits. And, you get the benefits, too!

Do it for others but get it for you. Do it for others but feel the joy for you!

Bring Your Spa Experience Home ~ Take Time For You!

~Spa-Inspired Nurture Sessions~

Bring Your Spa Experience Home. Using Gentle Movement, Visualization, Restorative Relaxation. Enjoy Uplifting, Calming & Empowering Sessions. Give yourself a relaxing escape so you can get back to your busy life!

~Spa Wellness Method Coaching & Coach Training~

Enjoy One-of-a-Kind, Spa-Inspired services & wellness packages. Work online, by phone or in person. Using Gentle Movement, Visualization, Restorative Relaxation & Coaching. For Yourself or as a New Business. Come as you are. You are enough. You can do this!

~Online Family Fun Adventure & Nurture Activity Sessions~

You can’t always take time away from your family. It can be hard to get the peace you need/desire. Experience One-of-a-kind activities to do with children. Uplifting, Calming or Empowering. Enjoy your self-care time. Create memories. These self-care sessions are for all members of the family. Each section is structured to keep kids engaged so you can get a little self-care too!

Who Takes Care of You? We Do.
You are at the heart of what we do!

We are a community of moms, business owners & caring givers who naturally put others first.

It feels good to care for others. To feel needed. To know we make a difference. In fact, it's wonderful!

The problem we have found is that when we don't care for ourselves we lose confidence & our self-esteem tanks. We are impatient, feel tired and worn out. That's not where any of us want to be!

~ Our Gift to You ~

We help you get back to the kind, caring & loving person you know you can be/are.

We have got you covered!

Even when you can't get away. We provide family fun adventure sessions & take 5 coffee break sessions. You get a break or can involve family in your self-care routines, too.

1000s of spa wellness & business clients have sought us out to....

Who takes care of you? We do.

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MEET YOUR INSTRUCTOR -Meet online & take time for you!

Talk about how easy this step is and how to it will benefit them when they do it.

Be Beautiful, Energized, Relaxed & Confident

so you can get back to being the kind, caring and loving person you know you can be!

"Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground, Heart Full, Spirit Soaring"

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